• Mandatory-software-upgrade-ZEN-2.0.22

    Mandatory Software Upgrade: Download ZEN 2.0.22 Now!

      ZEN 2.0.22 replaces the current version, ZEN 2.0.21-1, which is set to deprecate (no longer run). The focus of this version is security hardening, reward halving preparation, and general maintenance. IMPORTANT: This upgrade doesn’t affect Sphere by Horizen users who use the wallet on light mode. The upgrade only affects exchanges, pool operators, and node […]

  • Q3 Review – Leaping Forward in the Year of Breakthrough

    2020 is the Year of Breakthrough because we are revolutionizing the blockchain space with some of our biggest releases to date.     During Q3, our team released Zendoo Beta, the most important release we have ever had! Our community is abuzz with excitement, our development community continues to grow. We are charging into Q4 full […]