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  1. Guillermo
    May 10, 2018 @ 12:20 am

    How would mobile phones be able to mine if they do not possess that much amount of memory on their gpus?


  2. M. Franks
    May 10, 2018 @ 10:05 pm

    I’m a GPU miner but think a fork in equihash is a terrible idea.

    if there is No Fork of equihash, bitmain loses their predominant share of Equihash hash power to private ASIC miners when they sell off their ASICs.

    Why doesn’t anyone realize Bitmain has been mining Equihash with those ASICs over the past year already. Heard of Monero??

    They really want a fork. Once the algorithm is forked or changes, they design the next generation ASIC for it and dump worthless ASICs on private miners. Voila, no competition on the network AND they retain their majority of the hash rate.

    If you hate decentralization you want a fork of equihash.

    I can’t believe there’s even a debate about it. Few of these people understand what’s really going on or ever ran a large company.


    • Mainchain
      May 29, 2018 @ 5:52 pm

      Good point, however, they would just improve their asics and keep the improved versions and do 51% attacks with those while the rest of us are mining terribly and are suffering from it. A fork will help for at least some time, pos is the way to go and might happen in the far feature for all cryptocurrencies.


  3. cgulch
    May 12, 2018 @ 1:18 pm

    The issue here is that Bitmain has Billions of dollars. Making an ASIC/FPGA (but let’s use ASIC for simplicity) use more memory by changing the algorithm doesn’t necessarily stop from them from creating new hardware.

    Put yourself in Bitmain’s shoes. You made an Equihash ASIC and mined with it profitably until you announced it to the public. There were “rumors” you had an Equihash ASIC but no proof. You made it public so you could sell some ASICs to the public and pay for your own development costs. Basically mining with your own ASICs internally for free during all this time.

    Now Zcash, Zencash, BitcoinGold, etc. all fork. You as Bitmain realize the folly of announcing your ASIC to the public. You make new hardware to mine Equihash but this time you keep it private. You slowly bring new hardware online so as not to freak out the community. People speculate that you have new hardware but they have no proof. You mine profitably for a long time before anyone catches on.

    The only mistake Bitmain made was to make it known to the public that they had an Equihash ASIC that they would sell to the public. (They still made a ton of money mining with their own gear for 4-6 months and also by selling to the public.)

    Now let’s talk about decentralization. There are a couple ways to increase decentralization.

    1. Make Zencash more popular. The wider the use the more people that are mining it, staking it in nodes, using it, etc.
    2. Develop competition for Bitmain. One way to do this is to copy their designs. This diversifies the number of companies in control of the production of ASICs. If Bitmain is keeping all their ASICs for internal use then this is harder to do.

    Just some random thoughts.

    I know some people in the community criticize me because I’m a farm owner, but my farm is a GPU based farm. The business model is based around GPUs and not ASIC/FPGA.


  4. CongGuang
    August 19, 2018 @ 12:06 pm

    Asic is junk. Dirty garbage. Reject asic, reject asic, reject asic, otherwise zencash will perish, please give zencash a fair world.


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